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Why Us!

What Makes Wala Different!

We Know What Makes it Different...


We 'believe' in sharing,open collaboration and quality service. This service is absolutely free for all whether it's user, driver or owner. There are no hidden charges, free rides or coupon codes and promotional gimmicks. Freedom to get perfect. Freedom to get efficient. Freedom to get economic.


We 'aim' to make this place is a single hub for all sorts of vehicles to suit all kinds of needs. It can be a simplest bike ride to a nearest location in most economy way or ship heavy loads to longest distance in most affordable way.

Provide visibility

We 'provide' visibility and control to owners to manage their fleet. Operate with optimal occupancy, better ability to reach and improved earnings. More than anything is 'peace of mind


It is more than an app or service. We provide this service as platform (PaaS) that can be easily integrated into your systems for better collaboration with transport. To know more, please see the technical documentation page.

Why Us!

This is why we are important to you.


First Post

We are up with our minimum website support.[...]

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Release Anonucement

We are happy to announce our wala android beta version is ready for launch. We thank one and all who make this possible. Please download from play store or click on the download link above.[...]

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